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Warehouse & Garage

Warehouse & Garage Cleaning — Taking Care of the Heavy-Duty Jobs

High trafficked areas like garages, parking structures, and warehouses will be subject to a lot of dirt, grime, oil, and fuel stains. Over time, these can really bring down the look of your facility. Keep your workspace or garage clean with professional power washing services in El Paso, TX. We deliver powerful eco-friendly services for cleaning parking garages, warehouses, concrete, and more.

Over time, warehouses and parking garages see a lot of traffic passing through and get their fair share of wear and tear, damage, and grime. Our services and cleaning methods are designed to remove the buildup of dirt, grime, oil, grease and exhaust buildup from the surfaces of your parking garage or lot.

Parking Garage Cleaning — Remove Those Unsightly Stains

Using heated and pressurized water is an effective method for removing the build-up that happens around parking garages. Our equipment is designed to work through small and large areas that have been subjected to layers of build-up, grime, and dirt.


Warehouse Cleaning — Pressure Washing Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

If you own a commercial warehouse where heavy-duty equipment or vehicles are stored, you likely see stains of grease, oil, and fuel on a regular basis. Keeping your facility clean ensures the safety and efficient operation of your business. At the same time, walls and ceilings can often see some build up and dirt and reaching into these places can be difficult. Specialized industrial power washers are the right tool for the job.

Hazmat Services Available — We’ll Dispose of Dangerous Chemicals the Right Way

The United States government has strict regulations on the disposal of certain harsh and toxic chemicals. Improper disposal of these chemicals can not only affect the environment and cause damage but it might very well get you a hefty fine that will affect your business and operations.

Efficient and Effective Power Washing

Our specialized equipment is built to eliminate hard stains and grime from concrete and other surfaces. The heater and pressurized water in our pressure washers are capable of handling even the toughest of jobs.

Get the Best Garage Cleaning and Warehouse Cleaning

El Paso Cleaning Solutions offers quick and reliable power washing and pressure washing services for garage cleaning and warehouse cleaning. Call us today 915-252-3081.

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